A Break In The Mind-Meld: On Pain…

A shorter post to just share a few thoughts on pain.

I have found that for myself, most of my revelations have come from conversations and other blogs that make me go, “Oh! Someone else feels this way?!?” For much of my life, it seemed I was the only one who felt something. Sometimes, that was affirmed by others. And sometimes, I just never asked if anyone felt the same.

Know that, “You’re not alone!”

When it comes to pain, knowing you’re not alone can bursts the bubble of “Woe is me,” and it opens the doorway to growth.

Instead of, “I’m alone in my pain. No one understands; I will only ever get out of here if I pull myself out, and I can’t see where to pull from!” you get to “oh! Others have walked here. I’m not alone! And look, they’re pulling out!  Follow the Leader!!!

It grants a tangibility to our hope.

Don’t isolate, relate. Talk to others; find men, whom you can trust, who have gone through a divorce or have someone recommend a fellow. But find someone you can ask questions of, who has gone down that road. It will make the difficulties a bit easier.

Lastly, if, for whatever reason, you can’t find such a person, then leave a comment here, and I will do my best to help!

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