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When Life Sucks…Check Your Lenses!

Have you ever worn glasses? Maybe they were sunglasses, or prescription glassed, or maybe prop glasses for a performance or that “perfect touch to a look.” Whatever glasses they were, didn’t you just hate when you had a smudge on … Continue reading

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Why Do You Keep Following Jesus?!?

I’ve walked with Jesus for 30+ years now. I was blessed to grow up in a Christian household, with incredible parents who taught my brothers and I the Truth. When I was a kid, following Jesus was easy. After all, … Continue reading

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The Source/Supply…In Whom Do You Trust?

Recently, I had a breakthrough. For over 2 decades, The Almighty has been lovingly trying to teach me to trust Him. And as anyone who knows me readily understands, it took those ENTIRE TWO DECADES to sink in. And it’s … Continue reading

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