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Men, Fashion, And Our Divine Responsibility

Recently, I was reading an article regarding women and fashion in tech. The article lamented the struggles of women, in technology, to find ways to dress that weren’t considered inappropriate and/or have some options (like women’s sizes for company/product shirts) … Continue reading

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The Linear Cyclicity of History

“The linear…what? Cyclicity?! Huh? Of History. Ok. You’ve lost me!” Yeah. It’s a mouthful, but I think it paints the perfect word picture. There are a few schools of thought on the path of history, whether it’s linear or cyclical. … Continue reading

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Trusting God To Speak; The Discipline of Silence

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not exactly a silent guy. Whether it’s a key-chain jangling, my laugh, my footfalls, or my input on an issue, I am rarely without some sound. For some years, I was the guy … Continue reading

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When Life Sucks…Check Your Lenses!

Have you ever worn glasses? Maybe they were sunglasses, or prescription glassed, or maybe prop glasses for a performance or that “perfect touch to a look.” Whatever glasses they were, didn’t you just hate when you had a smudge on … Continue reading

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The Art Of Raising Adults

(This post is longer than my usual posts; given the topic, being more brief felt disingenuous and unclear.) Parenting is unique. In many aspects of life, one improves or atrophies. In one’s career, one advances or changes careers. But in … Continue reading

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Loving While It Hurts

Hollywood lied to me! That’s likely no surprise to anyone! However, it is a regular event for me to realize that I bought some Hollywood lie! And it’s annoying to find I did so! In this case, I bought the … Continue reading

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Discouraged by Challenges

I’m told my Nana had a saying that went something like this, “Discouragement is an opportunity for His Encouragement!” Smart lady! In fact, having never met her, I can still say that my Nana was quite a smart lady due … Continue reading

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DISCLAIMER: I’m in the US, and this post is mostly US-centric.  That said, I think non-US folks can still translate the principles herein.  I just warn you because I don’t want to confuse you the way I speak of things … Continue reading

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