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Fatherhood…Is It Worth It?

A friend recently asked me this question, and honestly, I’d never thought about it. My default response was always, “Of course!” But he knows much of my story and was wanting a more considered response. “With all you’ve had to … Continue reading

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Loving While It Hurts

Hollywood lied to me! That’s likely no surprise to anyone! However, it is a regular event for me to realize that I bought some Hollywood lie! And it’s annoying to find I did so! In this case, I bought the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Discipline and Fatherhood

In our world, we often approach parenting in a mechanical, managerial way. Now I doubt anyone has ever explained it that way, but, frankly, that’s often how I see these books on parenting and books on raising children as if … Continue reading

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The Gospel in Mary Poppins!

Hey!  Y’all get a two-fer!  =)  Two blog posts for the dating of one!  =) With the advent of the anniversary of Mary Poppins, I enjoyed the movie with my children.   As I did, I was taken back to simpler … Continue reading

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Of Children, Hearts, and Truth

This blog post is something that has come from a passion, a frustration that has been growing over the last three years, maybe more.  While I hadn’t always been of this mind, I once did and still do desire more … Continue reading

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