Well, hello!  As the name suggests, I’m a nerd, or a geek, take your pick!  Simply enough, I’m a guy who finds the possible in the impossible.  Often, folks say things are “impossible” to dismiss them because they are too difficult. I do not! I dig in until I have an answer or acknowledge that I’m tired of digging.  Am I the most thorough researcher?  Nope!  I dig until MY questions stop.  Sometimes, that’s not deep enough for others.  So be it!

That leads to point number two.  I’m not here to please you!  Granted, I may try!  However, my ultimate goal in this world is to please the Lord God Almighty, and, in so doing, try to help those around me overcome the challenges and trials put before them by being a coach, a friend, a cheerleader, if you will, to say “you can do it! And here’s how I did it!”

At the end of the day, I’m unique like you, and, like you, I have my own way of seeing things. I tend to break reality down into systems and equations, marveling at the intricate complexities of the simple.  This blog’s purpose is to grant a voice to my observations to whomever may be blessed by what I think and/or have to say.

My one promise (in a few parts): I will try not to ever post anything that I will later need to retract.  I will try to make my posts somewhat general.  That said, I know the Truth, and I will not shy away from that. I’m not a fan of playing games, so I tell it like it is. And, lastly, I WILL moderate comments!  I don’t care if you think this is some sort of “censorship”.  The truth is that there are too many people on the Internet that are more interested in their spotlight than the truth.

“And that”, as Forest Gump once said, “is all I have to say about that.”

2 Responses to About

  1. Stephanie West says:

    Nicely written Ben, my prayers are with you as you begin your journey in the Blog world.


  2. Linda Savage says:

    I love your topics and insights to this crazy world of ours!! Keep posting, it helps my sanity 🙂


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