Happy Thanksgiving!

Earlier this week, WordPress notified me that I hit my 10th anniversary with them! 10 years of blogging! (Minus the 4-ish year hiatus!) That’s 8 years of being able to bless y’all with what God lays on my heart….plus a few nerdy anecdotes now and again.

When I started this journey, I was just here because a few friends encouraged me to tell my story and encourage other single Dads. Just over a year ago, I returned from my hiatus realizing that God had given me a chance to speak into some of y’all’s lives, and I considered that a sacred honor that I shouldn’t walk away from. Now, a year later, this blog has grown even further, and I continue to be able to bless many of you whom I have never met!

And so, here we are, on the eve of Thanksgiving, and I am thankful for y’all, for the chance to speak into your lives, and the hope that what God has given me to put out here is a blessing for you! I am equally thankful to be with family this year, to have a roof over my head, to have food and warmth, and to have another year to raise my 3 God-given challenges known as my kids!

I hope you are able to be thankful for the blessings He has place in your life. Even if it is a roof over your head for one day, or for that Thanksgiving meal someone gifted you (even if you’re not sure how you’ll ever cook it all, like I once wondered!). Wherever this Thanksgiving finds you, I pray you see His hand in your life, and that you continue to surrender your life to His purpose, trusting in Jesus payment for your sins, and seeking to follow Him and serve Him in every way He opens to you.

This world is a rough place for many, this year. Some of those who may read this blog are in war-torn countries. Some are under the thumb of communism. And still others are in some halfway point between freedom and something less than freedom. But no matter where you may be this year, know that Jesus is right there with you. The King of All Kings was born in a manger (Christmas is coming). He learned to be a carpenter. And He lived like any other human for over 30 years, without running water, under various monarchies that were more like dictatorships, and under the weight of the Roman Empire. He can empathize with your pain, even now. Rest in Him!

This Thanksgiving, no matter where we are, let us give thanks for The Almighty’s provision, even if it’s meager, and for the fact that by Jesus’ sacrifice, we can know Him and have the confidence that when we go home, we go to a better place! And while we’re here, we can rest in knowing He has a purpose for our daily lives, for the circumstance He has allowed us to be in, and for the people He causes us to interact with on a daily basis. Let us be thankful, and let us share His Gospel with those around us!

Thank you for being a reader here, whether subscribed or just someone passing by! It is my blessing to be however-much a part of your life! And may God’s blessings be yours, in Jesus, through the remainder of this year and into the next, as you follow Him! Amen!

Godspeed – 1 Corinthians 15:10

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