I’m Afraid To Look – A Poem

I’m afraid to look at you, just because you’re there!

I’m not afraid of you, but I’m afraid I’ll stare!

It’s just not proper, not an acceptable thing

To stare at someone else, to just be watching.


That’s not to justify others, who do things that are bad.

It’s just to explain to you, why I often bouncing my head.

I’m trying not to look at you, because I know I’ll stare.

Your face and person is just intriguing, as I compare.


See, you look like the person I just saw, or maybe never did.

Your hair is unique, your ears, your freckles, nose and eyelids.

It may be that you look like someone I knew, maybe not at all,

But nonetheless, I’m intrigued by your features, large and small.


It has little to do with who you are, or what you mean to me,

I’m intrigued by the marks of the Maker and how you came to be.

He set your eyes just like so, your nose unique in size.

The hair He gave you, your sparkle, your smile, a surprise.


You could look like so-and-so, but ever so unique,

And that difference has my very interests piqued!

You’re not an object, but a work of art to be adored!

To me, you’re a curiosity; I want to study and explore.


But again, I’ve done it, I’ve made things so awkward.

I’m just intrigued by you, no romance conferred.

So, I try not to look at you, and I seek not to stare,

For I know you’ll wonder what intentions are lingering there.


And so I seek to make my world aware of my thoughts,

So that folks won’t think me leering, when I’m certainly not.

But all the same, I’m afraid to look at you, afraid to linger.

If I happen to do so, please be kind, don’t speak in anger.


You are a unique work of art, made by the Creator.

You are His masterpiece, when restored by Jesus the Savior!

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