A Rap/Poem on Surviving Pain

The Journey and Battle

By Ben Messer

Tryin’ to be happy, and I just don’t feel it.

The pain in my heart, waitin’ for You to heal it.

But You tell me to trust, and hold to the Truth.

I know who You are, so I’ll push through!


It ain’t easy, no, but it’s worth every pain.

Through the pressure, all the blows that came,

I hear Your voice saying, “That’s my boy.”

You give me every moment of joy.


In the midst of pain, the light I don’t see,

But I know that You are there, holding me.

With all that You’ve given, how could I ever doubt

That You are the One who holds the way out!


This pain will not always or forever be,

But while it’s here, I use it to help people see

The message of Your love, Your sacrifice for them.

It’s not about me but about Your creation: man.


You gave Your son; He gave His life on the cross.

Jesus gave up Majesty to reclaim what was lost

By me. For a bowl of stew, I gave up

My birthright to life, a life with true love.


Sin sold me out, gave me death in return,

But You called out, “Will you trust or will you burn?”

“I trust you,” I cried, through sobs and breaths.

“For this moment, I trained You; I will be Your rest.”


For so long, I did not understand Your cryptic words.

But now, I see the precision of Your works.

You are God, Sovereign and Holy,

I am but a man, broken and unworthy.


You are my God, the One and Only True,

For the days You give me, I will follow You!



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