A Heartfelt Mind-Meld: The Power of A Moment!

So, a friend reminded me that sometimes people, like myself, don’t have time to read as much as I lay down.  =)  In light of that, I’m going to try for a shorter post here.

The title of this takes its wording from a song from Chris Rice, which came out on his CD Smell the Color 9 back in…2001 or so.  It talked of the simple fact that one moment can change a person’s life.  We all know that, now, don’t we?  But this is intended to be positive.  You see, a hand grenade can go off in a mere second and do a wealth of damage, but a surgeon can also sew the final stitch that stops an artery from bleeding out in the same time.  A drug can cause the body to begin to heal.  A word can cause a heart to heal.  In one moment’s time, generations can be affected!  Generations, men!

Spend time with your kids; treasure those moments.  Take a second, get on the floor, and play!  Stop, let your friend pour his heart out to you, assure him that the sun will rise tomorrow!  Or just enjoy a solitary moment over a cup of coffee, taking a few minutes to read the Word of God before the world wakes up.

Whatever your moment, whatever time the Almighty has given you, whatever tasks He has laid before you, don’t fly through it, as if to escape it.  Look around, notice His hands as they block out the horrible, sew up the stitches, clean the wounds, bring blessings, and keep back what you would not be able to handle!

He knows you, friend.  He.knows.you! Inside out, back-and-forth, from before you were born to the day you die and into eternity.  He knows you!  And His love for you is so great that He came and died, while you were only interested in how painful a death you could make it!  He died.  For you.  And that’s the God we serve!

Just take a moment…

Vires et Honorem

To hear the song The Power of A Moment by Chris Rice, I refer you to this YouTube capture of it (it’s not mine!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8wmYe7PIjw

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