The Doctors of Time: A Personal Theory

Ok. This post is the height of geekology and nerdity. I must admit that much! But I have also been meaning to write it for some months now. And it is time that I let the world in on the amazing synthesis of the ‘verses. =)

In the movie Back to the Future, Doc Brown constantly warns Marty about the dangers of knowledge of the future. He violates this rule slightly in the first movie, breaks it further in the second movie, and finally declares “why not?” in the third movie. We see Doc building a train-based time machine out of significantly substandard parts at the end of the third movie and find that he has two children, Jules and Verne, with Clara Clayton.

Let me fast forward a bit to the 21st century as a popular British show has gained American acceptance and come to my attention. This show makes its popularity on a time-traveling Doctor whose name is never revealed, with a mysterious and tragic past. We are further illuminated that knowing this Doctor’s name would be very dangerous to him and the security of the Universe. Consequently, the name we know this Doctor by, and the name of the series, is Doctor Who.

Doctor Who is revealed to be a Time Lord, one of a race of beings who governed the whole of space and time, keeping the timelines in check. We find that there are solid points in time that no one can change and there are flexible times when the behavior of one or more persons can change the course of history. We are introduced to the fact that Doctor Who is able to change, when his body has been fatally wounded, and continue with a new body as if the old had never left.

But where did the Time Lords come from? Well, as with many things these days, there is a Wikipedia article for that! =) But really, how did they make it to Gallifrey? Where did they start from? Why is the prophecy about two children colliding?

I submit this theory to explain an intricate synthesis between Back to the Future and Doctor Who. =)

At the end of Back to the Future, we see Doc Brown with a new, flying time machine and he is headed into other times. I submit that as Jules and Verne grew up, they were able to observe this time travel, followed in their father’s footsteps and continued experimentation with time travel and a reasonable off-shoot of time travel, multi-dimensional experimentation.

I believe Jules and Verne grew up and at least one of them had children. From these children, a scientific field began growing, under complete secrecy for the sake of society and to prevent any particular government’s involvement or seizure of such equipment. This would have naturally caused a development in their genetic structures as multi-dimensional activity could not have left them unaltered. Additionally, I submit that Gallifrey was at the end of one such multi-dimensional shift.

As time moves on, the depth by which the Brown descendents have advanced their knowledge and even altered their genetic code has grown sufficient that they must leave for another planet, Gallifrey. There, they are able to extend their knowledge of the Time Continuum such that they become aware of these static time spots and the flexible ones.   From Gallifrey, they are able to see how the Universe is affected by various species moving in, through, and around time.

Thus, the Last Great Time War breaks out and the Doctor is forced to eternally trap his fellow Gallifreyans for the sake of the Universe. He naturally adopts a persona that is comfortable to him, that of the original Doctor! He uses this to cover up his true name, knowing that it would compromise many things, including the security of the Universe.

Thus, I declare that the true name of the Doctor, if it were revealed, would be….Emmett Brown, the 27 googilianth. =)  (Ok, strike the 27 googilianth, that was just a bad joke.)

And, just before y’all want to dismiss me, is it any wonder that Clara is the name of his most mysterious companion? And she often tells him, “Run, you clever boy, and remember me!” =)

Food for thought!

DISCLAIMER: While the above is my own thought and conjecture, I make no claims that it is accurate, true, or without error.   If you’d like to share this with another, please grant credit where it is due, but I am also willing to admit that someone else could have put this together to…somewhere…at some other time. In any case, I hope you enjoyed this, as that was the main point. And yes. I could’ve fleshed it out more, but I don’t want to give away plot points from Doctor Who (in case someone hasn’t seen an episode), and I just didn’t want to go too far and lose credibility. Ha ha ha! =)

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