No-Win Scenarios

“I don’t believe in no-win scenarios.” – Capt. James T. Kirk

When I was growing up, I often heard, “Nope, can’t do that!”  I didn’t hear it from people trying to tell me what I could or could not do in a career.  It’s not like I was held back from my dreams or even held from the things I wanted.  Instead, I was the guy who was outside the social circles.  I was not the popular kid!  I’ve always been better in my head than with my body.  I could work a math problem, but I couldn’t catch a football.  I could even program a computer, but I can’t throw a baseball into a guys mitt with any regularity!

So, I started working on the questions people put down.  “God can’t exist.”  Oh, really?  LOL!  “You can’t switch out of Psychology mid-term and go to Trigonometry.  You’ll never pull off the grade!”  Ha ha!  Watch me!  =D

You get the point.  I don’t believe in no-win scenarios…mostly.  There are some scenarios that extremely violate the laws of physics or specifically violate some particular logic sufficient to consider them a closed-case impossibility.  However, these are fewer than most people like to admit.  In most any situation, there is a way that it works.

This philosophy has guided me for many years, but mostly from a selfish, “I won’t let you lose” attitude!  And then, I came across a stunning reality in the midst of my world-collapsing.  My attitude had a truthful root (and a lot of selfish roots that I had to let God pull up!).  This truthful root is reflected in my life verse…

And looking at them Jesus said to them, “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26

In our day-to-day world, the impossibilities of life are constantly confronting us.  From every corner, we can see another monster that waits to devour us.  Whether your a single parent or just another person trying to find their place to make an impact, challenges are a fact of life!

I started fighting those facts of life by my own will, but now I find that I can fight them by His Spirit.  When I began to challenge the impossible, I could challenge the perceived impossibles.  I took on what others wouldn’t, found the path that others missed, put together the disparate pieces that others had dismissed.  But in Christ, I can conquer even the insurmountable!  I can believe that people can change because I know the One who can change them!  I can step into the unknown because I know the One who knows all things!

You see, what I once did out of rebellion, I can now do out the power of my Savior!  It is no longer a question of what I am capable of, but what He is capable of!

I don’t believe in no-win scenarios.  My God is bigger than that!

Vires et Honorem – 1 Corinthians 15:10

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