Sorrow – A Poem

I realized that my recent post was fairly balanced, but I know it can sometimes seem like Christians are always “happy jolly” and “never really deal with pain and problems.”  And while I would hope you could read the facts of pain in previous posts, I thought I would share this poem with you anyway.  It so aptly captures how I would characterize pain, depression.  Still, never forget that your life belongs to Jesus; He is our hope, our strength, and everything we need to make it through anything, on any day, at any time!  Trust and keep your eyes fixed on Him, the Author and Perfecter of your faith!

Without further ado…

Sorrow, by Ben Messer

You’re a twisted, vicious, and spiteful tempter.
You lurk, you stalk, you drag-down my demeanor.

Oh how I wish, I could throw off your stakes!
You grab tighter and give me the shakes.
I hate you, evil fiend.  Yes, I hate you.
Not a nice word, they say, once knowing you!

You chip at my core, and make me less;
I seem overwhelmed by you, I must confess.
And yet, there is Light, always ever present,
You try to hide it, snuff it, Light suppressant.

You mar my world, distort my view, lead me on.
I despise your very presence in my heart; be gone!
You are not welcomed here, let me go and live,
I want the Life, not you, a destructive sieve!

T​here is hope, one should know, hope to overcome.
This battle is not over; it is not ended nor done.
One day, I’ll taste victory, the final end of pain and sorrow.
It may not be today, nor be next week, nor even the morrow.

The Light will come, once and for all, to end darkness,
And in that day, I will find my joy at its complete and fullest.

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