My Life Motto

Recently, I’ve found a few folks have really benefited from this tidbit. Consequently, I’m posting it here for the benefit of those who might be reading here.

In becoming a single-Dad, and since, I’ve found many times when I’m faced with seemingly “impossible” situations. I’ve made a career out of being the guy folks come to when others say something is “impossible”, and one day, as I was driving home from work, I considered what I would say to those who wonder how I can “do this”, being a single parent, working full-time, etc.

Well, there it is! Let me under-pin this with the reality that this only works because The Almighty is the God of the Impossible. Without Him, these are nice words, but they don’t work in every situation. But with God, all things are possible! (Matthew 19:26, I highly encourage you to read it and the surrounding context!)

When faced with an impossible situation, immediately abandon the option to “give up!” For without that option, all other options, however improbable, become entirely possible!

author: Ben Messer
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