My Doubts Will Answer To Your Scars

There is a fantastic line in a Skillet song called “Terrify the Dark”, and it is that line that now titles this blog post. But before I get into that, let me take you back.

Many years ago, a dear and close friend brought a band to my attention, Skillet. I’d never heard of them before, and truth be told, I wasn’t exactly into the hard-rock, punk, metal, nor industrial music scenes. In point of fact, there was a whole side of music I had not yet opened to. Fast-forward a few years and the girl I was seeing was into Skillet. At first, I wasn’t that excited about their sound. But with the album Collide, I started getting into their sound.

In 2004, Skillet performed at an event called Acquire the Fire. At the close of their set, Skillet did something many bands, at the time, did not do; Skillet took a moment to play Be Thou My Vision and engage the crowd in worship of our Creator and Lord. So many bands, at that time, were all about the money or their own music or what-have-you. But Skillet took a moment and brought it back to why we are believers, the amazing God of the Universe who created us, lived among us, and gave his life to save us (being resurrected on the third day). Not only that, but they did a hymn! And not only a hymn, but one that is a prayer for God, Himself, to be the center of our thoughts, purposes, life, and everything, our very vision!

Afterward, I got the distinguished honor to shake John’s hand and thank him for being so bold. His heart, at the time and to this day, is a unique treasure; he is a man who seeks after God with all he is, all he does, and follows Him into the future! Even in the early aughts (2000-2009 for those who didn’t know, like me), finding someone like that in the music industry could be difficult, and John’s story is a worthy tale of following God amidst adversity. But I’m not here to talk about John (Cooper, if you’re reading this, I’d love to chat with you, sometime, just as brothers in Christ; nonetheless, much love for ya and your mission!).

Consequently, Skillet has become a source of enjoyment and inspiration, as their music gets me up and moving, gets my fingers coding at light speed, and is just so backed with little golden nuggets of wisdom! (I would be remiss to not mention the vocal gold of Jen Ledger! Words would fail me to express it; Jen, if you happen to read this, you keep lookin’ up and pressin’ forward. God’s using you in so many ways! Much love, sister!)

And with that preface, you can understand why this is intriguing to me that I’ve listened to this song for 3 years now, and only once has this line stood out to me.

First, you have to appreciate the message of the song, “Your light will terrify the dark!” The visual imagery is profound. The light of the Almighty, the light itself, will terrify the dark. It’s not the attack, not the weapons, not the power, not the intensity, not the potential, nor the virility. It is merely the PRESENCE! His light terrifies the dark. It doesn’t merely intimidate, nor does it concern, nor does it simply disturb, but it fully terrifies the darkness. The idea is like a Chinese man hearing of Genghis Khan coming for his town; he isn’t merely afraid, Khan had generated an image that struck immediate terror into anyone who heard he was coming.

And with that understanding, then grasp the sweet potency of this line:

My doubts will answer to your scars!

And fear will have to place, no hold upon my heart!

Skillet, Terrify The Dark (chorus)

My doubts will answer to your scars. This reminds me of a scene in 1883, the paramount TV series. The series takes place on a wagon train moving from Texas to Oregon. In it, one of the cowboys, helping to wrangle the herd of cattle being transported with them, takes a liking to one of the Tim McGraw’s character’s daughter. She also shows an interest in him. Well, the father, in giving the cowboy his blessing to court his daughter, tells the cowboy, “you break her heart or get handsy, you and me are gonna have a problem.” In other words, that cowboy will answer to the father if he breaks the daughters heart or worse. Well, as Hollywood does, the cowboy and the daughter get intimate; sure enough, the father just about kills the cowboy before the daughter stops him. This, ladies and gents, is what it means to “answer to” someone.

So, think about that. Your doubts, not you but your doubts, will answer to Jesus scars. They will be dealt with by the scars on Jesus’ head, hands, side, feet, and back. (As an aside, think on that for a moment; Jesus beating, flogging, and death touched every side of his body. He left nothing behind to give His life for you!) You don’t have to be captive to fear, nor to doubt. They must submit to Jesus!

In our modern world with COVID-19, fear became almost a constant for a lot of folks. Some of us fought against fear, some fought each other, and some gave into fear, letting it take up residence in their lives. Dear Reader, you don’t have to live this way! Not if you have given your life over to Jesus and seek to follow Him! He has freed you, even from your fears and doubts! Take a page out of Skillet’s song book, and let His light terrify the dark, and shove your doubts up to the throne, and let them answer to His scars because He loves you too much to let you live in fear and sin! Repent (this means to turn away from your sin and never go back to it) and ask Him to take charge of your life. Let Him become your standard and the goal you strive for, but more importantly, let Him be the Father you need, let His advice be the wisdom you follow, and let His word be the first and last input in your life and all you do. Be like Christ, and follow Him into the truest freedo you’ll ever experience!

Godspeed – 1 Corinthians 15:10

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