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A Heartfelt Mind-Meld: Are you willing to be broken? … Again?

“God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.” 1 Peter 5:5b, from Proverbs 3:34 “God, how long will you torture me?!? Have I not endured enough? Have You not taken enough? What more must I do before You … Continue reading

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A Heartfelt Mind-Meld: Dark Days and Comfort

Did you know that to comfort also means to strengthen? Did you know that a comfort is something that strengthens you? I definitely didn’t! I thought comfort was something that simply made you feel good, not something that was supposed … Continue reading

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70 times 7…forgive 490 times???

Forgiveness.  That’s a tough word these days.  There are so many in our world now that don’t care for the rights and dignity of others.  Instead, people are trampled underfoot like paper bags so that another may succeed in a … Continue reading

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