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A Heartfelt Mind-Meld: Brokenness

Have you felt the pain inflicted by the Lord? — “He said to him the third time, ‘…do you love Me?’” (John 21:17)  Have you ever felt the pain, inflicted by the Lord, at the very center of your being, … Continue reading

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Over the years, I have often sought out Men’s Bible Studies at my church for the purpose of fellowship with other men and growing with God.  I encourage you to find a Men’s Bible Study that you can attend, even … Continue reading

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A Heartfelt Mind-Meld: The Time In Between

When my divorce happened, I was initially in a state of shock and denial. I thought, “any day now, she’s gonna wake up, realize what she’s doing, and we can get into counseling and move through this!” I thought for … Continue reading

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A 50 Shades of Grey Society?

I remember a couple of years ago, I knew people who were all about this 50 Shades of Grey book. When I heard what it was about, my flesh wanted to read it, but my spirit cringed. Over the last … Continue reading

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A Heartfelt Mind-Meld: Pain!

Pain! In our culture, pain is a thing to be avoided. We take medications to avoid pain, entertain ourselves to ignore pain, drink to drown pain, eat to suppress pain, and many other ways of turning away pain. When someone … Continue reading

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70 times 7…forgive 490 times???

Forgiveness.  That’s a tough word these days.  There are so many in our world now that don’t care for the rights and dignity of others.  Instead, people are trampled underfoot like paper bags so that another may succeed in a … Continue reading

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